Chiropractic Recommended Desk Stands

I try to avoid sitting as much as possible as the sitting posture is one of the things we do regularly that is very detrimental to our health.

Standing provides a more stable and stronger base for our postural alignment as well as maintaining constant feedback to the brain, keeping my mind active as well.

This is why you will find that in both my practices I have gotten rid of the traditional office desk previously used and will now make use of a stand desk.

The benefits of using a stand desk are huge.

Functionally, we are not designed to sit on a chair.

The brain is stimulated by movement and while we sit, we lose out on the stimulatory feedback from our lower half of the body. Also, we tend to slouch which brings our head forward, rounds our shoulders and compresses our rib cage which limits our oxygen intake and places pressure on the heart.

Standing helps reduce all of this, constant proprioceptive feedback from the lower limbs helps keep the brain active whilst we have better oxygen in take and less stress on the heart.

All of this leads not only to better and healthier conditions for you but also, improved production for your company. Whist chiropractic adjustments help reduce the effects of sitting, it is always best to lessen the stressors that create imbalance in order for your adjustments to be was beneficial as possible.

What does bring most people in to the chiropractor is obviously neck (with headaches) and back pain, as well as being able to maintain a better postural state.

Standing will help lessen the likelihood of painful states due to the slouching posture from sitting.

Areas that tend to be more prominently effected by sitting is neck, mid back and lower back. This is on top of all the physiological and neurological benefits mentioned previously, which would help with improved overall wellness and vitality.

The chiropractic adjustments will help you optimise your postural state for the best recovery and health improvements possible.