Pure Chiropractic is based in Randburg Johannesburg is home to Dr. Adam Sayers (owner) and Dr. Courtney Coetzee (associate)

They offer a holistic approach to making sure you stay feeling your best.

From our premises, CPR courses are provided through  Survival CPR.  

Meet our Chiropractors

Dr Adam Sayers

Dr Adam Sayers

Chiropractor (owner)

Adam has experience in family wellness which begins with pregnant ladies, pediatrics and children and extends into caring for the family unit as a whole.

Dr. Courtney Coetzee

Dr. Courtney Coetzee

Chiropractor (associate)

Courtney believes that investing in your body to make sure that it reaches its optimum performance potential should be second nature to our routine

Paediatric Chiropractor
pure chiropractic chiropractor
paediatric Chiropractor
chiropractor for children
baby Chiropractor

Chiropractic for newborns and children

If you are battling with Colic in your newborn, we can help.  Chiropractic has been shown to have a 94% success rate with infantile colic. The treatment involves the application of gentle, manual, mobilization techniques to the neck and spine as well as any other areas of the infant body that demonstrate tightness or restriction.

We also work with children of all ages for a range of medical issues.

Cindi Dube

Practice Manager and Receptionist

My name is Cindi and I started working at PURE Chiropratic in November 2016. I have really enjoyed meeting and talking to different people on a daily basis. I find working at the practice fun and it has taught me to accommodate all kinds of people. Working at the practice has been a whole new experience for me that I have thoroughly enjoyed and l look forward to the challenges and learning ahead.

In future l would like to see the PURE Chiropractic grow to the level of opening our own special PURE CHIROPRACTIC HOSPITAL. Then I can say “I had a hand in growing this business”.


What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a care protocol that is founded on the principles of adjusting the spine to create better function and posture of the spine which, in turn, promotes better function of the nervous system. This occurs due to improved stimulation and better nutrition to the nervous system, as well as, less physical tension and stress on the nervous system. Better functioning nervous system means healthier state of being and improved quality of life (pain relief is by product of this).

What do you mean by an adjustment?

An adjustment is a Chiropractors main form of care for the practice members. It is a high velocity, low impact force delivered with their hands and often results in a cavitation or click from the joint.

There are many different types of adjustments and it is important to state that paediatric (newborn especially) adjustments are completely different to those used for adults.

They are much lighter in pressure (about as much pressure as you could press comfortably on your eyeball) and we do a lot fewer of them too.

Is chiropractic a quick fix?

Whilst most people feel relief from their presenting symptoms within a few sessions, Chiropractic definitely is not a quick fix.

Usually the symptoms practice members come to us for are the last adaption in a long line of compensations that have developed through years of physical, mental and chemical stressors. And with that in mind, and the fact that people face these stressors every day, regular

Chiropractic checks are advised in order to address the entire picture.

Why would I go to a chiropractor?

The most common reasons people turn to Chiropractic is for back pain, neck pain, headaches and things like colic, reflux and cramping for the babies.

While Chiropractic is proven to be very effective for all these symptoms, Chiropractic best serves to care for a practice member and not simply treat symptoms.

This is because Chiropractic, with improving function of the spine and stimulation of the nervous system, allows your nervous system to cope better with your lifestyle stressors.

Because your nervous system co-ordinates every function in your body, Chiropractic can play a role in the management of most lifestyle diseases. This means on going management, better quality of life and overall healthier lifestyle changes.

If these are things that you want to experience, then Chiropractic will serve you well. 

What should I expect from my first consultation?

Your Chiropractor should go through a full medical history, examination and explanation of what to expect from an adjustment session.

The later is one of the most important aspects of the initial session for me. We often have new practice members coming to us who have been to a chiropractor before but no idea of what happens when they’re adjusted because it hasn’t been explained to them. this often leads to misguided expectations or less than adequate management of their cases. 

What are follow up consultations like?

Follow up sessions are usually shorter than the initial session.

We gauge the progress since the session prior, answer any questions and then have the adjusting session. All in all, follow ups are usually 10 minutes roughly.

What type of things do chiropractors treat?

Chiropractic is well know for helping with lower, middle or upper back pain and headaches in adults and colic and reflux in babies.

But Chiropractic is best used as part of a healthy lifestyle with regular adjustments to help optimise your health and quality of life. 

Do medical aids cover Chiropractic?

Yes, they do. It usually comes out of medical savings and, of course, it does depend on which plan the practice member is on.

Some Chiropractors contract to medical aids but many of them do not, which means they are a cash practice and then the practice member needs to claim from the medical aid independently. 

Are there side effects to being to a chiropractor?

Aside from better quality of life and a pain free existence… no. In all honesty, things like muscle spasm and occasionally an increase in pain for a short while after the adjustment session are documented as the most common side effects of the adjustments. But, in truth, these are natural healing processes that your body needs to work through in order to heal correctly and not actually side effects.

An adjustment is not painful at all but, unfortunately, most of the time people first come to us in an acute painful state.

This means that the first couple sessions can be uncomfortable and a bit up and down regarding their symptoms. This is less about the adjustment and more about the fact that they were already in the crisis state when they first walk in.

A perfect example of why practice member education is so important.

What is PURE CHIROPRACTIC'S Vision and Mission?

We at PURE CHIROPRACTIC want to help educate practice members on a healthier lifestyle and help equip them to reach a more optimal wellbeing. Our goal is to play a major role in a practice members understanding of the body and how it works so that their understanding of health is completely redefined. 

Dr. Adam strives to provide the best service he can for you and your family while genuinely caring how you and your loved ones are improving. If we do this properly, we can help families raise much healthier children and work towards a stronger and more empowered and health conscious generation of adults in time. 

What makes PURE CHIROPRACTIC different?

At PURE CHIROPRACTIC we are concerned with a long term lifestyle change, not merely symptomatic relief. We strive to help educate practice members on how to lessen physical, mental and chemical stressors and increase their body’s natural resistance to these stressors with ongoing care protocols. These allow us to help people steadily make positive changes over time. 

Dr. Adam also focuses on the Chiropractic adjustments being the primary focus during the care sessions. There is a general misunderstanding with in the public regarding Chiropractic role in health and well being, to which, we at Pure Chiropractic strive to address. 

Who needs to see a Chiropractor?

Everyone! Ranging from birth trauma during natural and c-sections births to the postural stress of our sedentary lifestyle with too much sitting, everyone is facing physical, mental and chemical stressors in some way. An important fact to note here is that, the longer something is left for, the longer it will take to heal.

So the earlier people start making those positive changes, the better the prognosis. It is easier to keep you healthier than it is to get you well after all.